• UK house prices see a 130 fold increase over the Queen’s reign

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    By Matt Hall | 24th May 2022

    The average house price was just under £2,000 when the Queen ascended to the throne in February 1952 - the equivalent of just £56,000 in today's money.

    House prices are more than 130 times higher than they were when Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the

  • Palm Harbor Homes in Millersburg, Oregon Celebrates Key

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    May 24, 2022 11:00 ET | Source: Cavco Industries, Inc. Cavco Industries, Inc.

    MILLERSBURG, Ore., May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Palm Harbor Homes, a

  • Pétrichor tiny house offers traditional take on small living

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    A lot of the tiny houses we cover are actually quite large and have a modern minimalist design, but the Pétrichor, by France's Baluchon, harks back to the small living movement's roots with a towable home that incorporates traditional tiny house styling and features a compact and unfussy inte


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    Anita Dunn is back in the administration, returning from a firm that does work for Amazon.

    Anita Dunn rejoined the administration as a top adviser from the powerful communications shop she co-founded, SKDK. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    By Hailey Fuchs and Emily Birnbaum

  • California Wants To Force Insurers To Reward Homeowners For Fireproofing Homes | LAist

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    LAist is part of Southern California Public Radio (SCPR), a member-supported public media network. Hear our news on-air at our partner site:

    Live Stream Schedule In Person

    When Ashley Raveche and her husband bought their home in Mill Valley, they thought they were doing everythin

  • Home Entertainment Guide: May 2022 | TV/Streaming | Roger Ebert

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    "Bottle Rocket" "Chungking Express" "Devil in a Blue Dress" "The Fugitive" "The Matrix Resurrections" "Old" "Red Beard" "Sense and Sensibility" "Where the Wild Things Are" "Young Adult"

    "Dirty Harry" "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" "How Do You Know" "The Lake House" "Menace II S

  • Field Guide To Shipping Containers | Hackaday

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    In the 1950s, trucking magnate Malcom McLean changed the world when he got frustrated enough with the speed of trucking and traffic to start a commercial shipping company in order to move goods up and down the eastern seaboard a little faster. Within ten years, containers were standardized, an

  • Best foldable phones 2022: Top folding phones we&#039;ve tested and reviewed

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    The foldable phone is a growing segment of the smartphone market and with a number of options now available, it’s time to round up the best foldable phones cur

  • Americans Want Big Phones—Not Folding Phones | PCMag

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    The biggest iPhone and Samsung models lead US sales in the latest Wave7 survey, but foldables fall short.

    Americans like their phones big, but they aren't sold on the value of foldables, according to the latest report from Wave7 Research, which surveys retail store staff to get a picture

  • Gedling borough: Planning applications submitted near you - Gedling Eye

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    Here is a round-up of the latest plans that the council’s planning officers will now decide. 

    A tanning salon in Stoke Bardolph and plans for five new dwellings are amongst the many applications submitted to Gedling Borough Council in the last week.  

    Here is a round-up of the