this adaptable cabin concept by atelier fasea folds open in summer

2022-04-07 03:46:51 By : Ms. Lisa Li

what if you could fold down the walls of your house as temperatures begin to rise in summer and close them back up when the cold creeps in? well, that’s exactly what french architecture studio atelier fasea envisions with this ‘tiny house’ concept.

‘the principle of the folding house is to allow users to expand their houses according to the season, the weather and the context in which it is located,’  the architects explain. ‘with climate change, temperatures are more and more extreme, we think that this house must be able to adapt to those extremes.’

images courtesy of atelier fasea

the cabin is placed on a trailer measuring 7.80m x 2.45m (22.97ft x 6.56ft), meaning the house can be towed from one location to the next. this compact rectangular floor plan comprises the ‘winter’ living accommodation with kitchen, living room with sofa bed, a mezzanine level bedroom, and a shower room with a dry toilet. there’s also a technical room towards the hitch of the trailer where the gas, water and the electric system are stored.

in winter, the house is self-sufficient thanks to a wood stove, solar panels, a rainwater collection system and two gas bottles if the sunlight doesn’t generate enough electricity. openings in each of the rooms brings natural light and ventilation while the timber frame structure and hemp wool insulation keep the interiors nice and cozy.

in spring and summer, as the sun begins to shine a little longer, the timber dwelling almost doubles in size as it unfolds from tiny to big. the elevations fold down and create a generous outdoor terrace on each side, providing an extension of the living space and connection to nature. these spaces are covered by a waterproof tent, which is deployed by a system of motorized jacks, that protects inhabitants from rain, sun and mosquitoes. the house remains autonomous in summer and benefits from the same solar and water devices as in winter.

architecture: atelier fasea | @atelierfasea

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